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DIY Computer Repair for Beginners

If you have trouble with your computer,

- and don't know what to do -


PC Troubleshooting for Non-Geeks

The Do-It-Yourself Computer Repair Manual for Beginners

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by Mike Camp

Dear PC User,

This computer repair eBook covers most common PC problems. Here are a few examples what is in it for you.

    What to do, ifcrazy computer

    • Your Printer Won't Print.
    • Your Scanner Won't Work.
    • The Mouse Is Acting Erratic.
    • Mouse Stops Working.
    • The Keyboard Isn't Working.
    • Your Computer Takes Forever to Start.
    • Your Computer Won't Shut Off.

You will also learn how to replace and install new components - and save a bundle by doing it yourself!

Do you really know what to do when you see the blue screen of death showing the message
0x0000000A IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL? Or do you know what is the meaning of this code?

I did not know before I have read "PC Troubleshooting for Non-Geeks". The blue screen of death (BSOD) is the Windows® general protection fault, or GPF error. People call it this because what they see when it is activated is an image of white text on a blue background. The BSOD is a screen that is generated by the operating system when it has suddenly halted with an error. When you see this screen, the system locks up, and must be rebooted. Many times the blue screen includes some hexadecimal values from a core dump, and they can potentially be used to determine what caused the crash in the first place. And when you see the above sample code, you can bet it is a bad device driver.

This is only one of ten (most common) STOP messages the authors explains in this eBook. But this Do-It-Yourself Computer Repair Manual for Beginners covers much more, of course.

Learn how to repair your own computer - how to fix most common computer problems
- how to upgrade yourself and save a bundle.

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PC Troubleshooting for Non-Geeks


will show you how to do it !
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    Read "what is in this manual" for you:

    Table of Contents:

    geek with laptop

    1. Introduction
    2. The Software Side of Things
    3. The Hardware Side of It
    4. Tools
    5. Cautions and Precautions
    6. To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade? That is the Question
    7. When Hardware Goes Bad
    8. Replacing a Power Supply
    9. Replacing Memory and CPU
    10. Replacing a Motherboard
    11. Installing a New Sound or Video Card
    12. Installing a Hard Drive
    13. Installing a DVD/CDRW Drive
    14. Fixing Problems KISS
    15. Software Errors
    16. My Computer Won't Start, and Other Common Problems
    17. Helpful Online Resources
    18. Books and Magazines
    19. About the Author

But I think no one can better explain what this eBook is about than the author. So please read on. The following is the complete introduction chapter.

Mike Camp:
Let's face it, all of us use computers. Either in our work environment, or at home, or both. And now it's common to see them on airplanes, restaurants, and even in automobiles. There are also more computer repair shops than ever before doing billions of dollars in repair work each year.

I own a repair shop myself, and have owned and operated one for over twelve years. I have certifications from Microsoft® , HP® and Xerox®. I belong to the AMD™ system builders' organization, and Microsoft's OEM system builder program. On a daily basis I deal with the average computer user, which means I work for people just like you. You are what the industry calls the "end user", I am what the industry refers to as an OEM, that is an Original Equipment Manufacturer. At least a dozen times a day I try to give my customers advice on repairing their own machines and I spare no amount of time in explaining and writing down the steps they should follow to get the job done. I must admit that on more than one occasion I get a puzzled look and a question such as: "Why are you telling me? Don't you want my business?"
I do want the business, but I also know that almost anyone can repair and upgrade their own computer, and save a lot of money in the process. My shop charges a reasonably priced flat fee for all computer work. My prices are far more than reasonable and way below the average for this field of work. So I have a question too. Why wouldn't anyone want to save anywhere from $100 to $400 dollars in labor costs?

It's nothing to find any number of people all around the world repairing their automobiles. Yet they do not have a degree in engineering, or they haven't been to a trade school to study mechanics and for the most part they have no extensive knowledge of the inner workings of an internal combustion engine. Computers are far less complicated than an automobile yet they have this mystical property to them that has no doubt been fueled by the computer industry and computer repair facilities themselves.

This book will tell you in plain English how to transform that sluggish old machine to a state of the art powerhouse through simple upgrades. It will also explain simple techniques for troubleshooting and repairing your computer when that fatal day comes and it just doesn't start up again. I will tell you how to upgrade - and how to save so hundreds of dollars by just doing it yourself.

I will go over the most common errors encountered by computer user's everyday, and I will tell you how to fix them and exactly what caused them in the first place. You know how there is always someone that everybody calls when they have trouble with their computers, the guy or gal that everyone calls a geek. Following the simple information in this manual will give you more knowledge and know-how than the geeks in your hometown.

You will save a lot of money, if you know how to repair your own computer - how to fix most common computer problems.

crazy diskmax
PC Troubleshooting for Non-Geeks
 The Do-It-Yourself Computer Repair Manual for Beginners 
Will teach you how to do it
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Mike Camp, the author of this eBook, owns a computer sales and service store. He is a "computer professional". Read on and learn a little bit more about Mike.

About the author: Long before going to college or getting any certificates he was building IC chips with DIP Sockets and a few resistors, DOS was the best operating system on the market and there weren't any hard drives (for home users). Michael Camp has been involved in computer repair since the late 1980's. He has owned and operated a few repair facilities including a mobile repair shop. Mike also installs and services state of the art surveillance systems for local businesses.

In 1998, feeling the need for a formal education and a piece of paper that says he knows what he's doing, Michael attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks studying computer science, hardware and software troubleshooting, and computer office information systems.

Still not enough in today's demanding world the Author studied at home and was certified by Microsoft®, HP®, and Xerox®. Mike currently owns and operates a computer sales and service store in Chugiak, Alaska. The author also travels extensively through out the state of Alaska as an on-call IT technician for a large company based in Missouri.

You will receive this eBook in PDF format in a zip file. To read (and print) the eBook you need the Adobe® Acrobat Reader® 6.0 or newer. Please note, older versions can not open the file.

Alternatively, use the Foxit Reader. Foxit Reader is a free PDF document viewer, with incredible small size, breezing-fast launch speed and rich feature set.

Your investment for this Do-It-Yourself Computer Repair Manual (eBook, 58 Pages) is only US $ 12.50.

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Save Money! Learn How to Fix Most Common Computer Problems
and How to Upgrade Your Computer!

Become a Geek and Do It Yourself!

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Mike Camp, Author & Cornelia Fey, Publisher

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